Kingdom Within

Looking through old notes and found this one. Be encouraged today, as I was!:
The Spirit of the Lord and the Word of the Lord manifest the presence of God
But yet, the Word profits us nothing if not mixed with Faith.
Speak my words in faith
There is a Kingdom within, but it is sometimes locked in side..
See what I am doing and do it
Say what I am saying
Believe that you have received and you shall have My Desire.
For many of your desires are My Desires as well .
It is according to the Power that lives inside of you
It is exceeding and abundant , a never-ending supply.
The River of God is plentiful, and the River is on the inside of you
The Kingdom of God is within you; wherever the River goes there is life
There is joy, there is peace, there is love everlasting, fullness and abundance
When the Spirit of the Lord blows a fresh wind, it is a sound of a Roar
It is the Sound of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
It will shake the heavens and earth
The Word of the Lord mixed with Faith in action is a violent combination
It is the ingredients for combustion
To remove Burdens
To destroy yokes
To pull down strongholds
To take every thought captive
To defeat principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places
We declare that the Spirit of the Lord is here
We declare that the Kingdom of God is here
It is at the Word of the Lord coming forth from our mouths like a mighty river.
His Word is a firm foundation.
Upon this rock God builds his Church and the gates of hell
Will not prevail against it.
My house is a house of Prayer. My house, my body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost.
It is a house of Prayer to all nations.
It is not a den of thieves… I will not steal from God by keeping what I have from the body.
But I will freely give what I have received.
Upon this rock ,
We stand,
We build,
We live
We shine
We shine like a city set upon a hill
Which cannot be hid…

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