The Sound of Faith


Luke 18:8b (KJV) …Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

The Sound of Faith is released from every Spirit led believer.

It praises in hardship, it is strong in weakness…..
It is defiantly jubilant in times of persecution… it is overwhelmingly truimphant in times of disappointment. It is recklessly fearless when confronted, as it exalts truth and exposes lies.

It is the soft answer that turns away wrath, it is the effectual, fervent prayer, it is the decree that establishes God’s will.

The Sound of Faith empowers the the angels and makes the demons flee. It moves mountains and causes living waters to flow.

The Sound of Faith pleases God… As it is heard, He opens doors of opportunity when there is none, creates substance when there is lack and He resurrects dead situations.
It confirms to Him that we know Him, that we trust Him and we are not ashamed of the Gospel.

God is waiting and longing for His body to release it; the Sound of Faith.

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