Hide and Seek


From the foundation of time

I had a plan, I had a purpose

A destiny so precious

Only your heart could hold


Something so beautiful

Needed just the right container

So that I hid it my great promise

Deep down in your soul


A treasure in an earthen vessel

that gives way to an awesome light

As you seek My very presence

It bursts forth to My delight


As you seek Me, My love will be found in you

as you look to Me, the world will see Me in you

And what has been Hidden for generations

Will come forth for all the nations..


Christ within

The Hope of Glory

As  you seek

I am alive in thee

My Living waters will purge your soul

As My Glory you behold

Copyright 2009  Ebony Anderson

2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

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  1. Because you my dear belong to ME! I predestined your existence !

    I know exactly what to do to get out of you what Only I put in you.

    You are mine and I never change.

    …, I am the same today, tomorrow and forever more ..

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