The Fire

I sense the Lord is saying, that He is the Living God , this is a time of Great Manifestation and Great Outpouring of My Spirit, but first the fire. You will seek Him and find Him when you search with all of your heart.

abstract fire on blackTHE FIRE

A fire begins in a time of dryness and drought. Where there has not been much rain. The grounds are hard and even if there is precipitation, it would roll off the surface.

A fire begins with a spark, a flame, and it burns hotter by the heat of The Son. It can spring up suddenly and catch us unaware.

A fire is  fueled by the wind.  The winds blow where they wish, by the Spirit of the Lord. It can catch here and there , and not look like there is any rhyme or reason where in some places there is complete destruction while whole areas elsewhere and sometimes nearby remain untouched.

As Spiritual fires burn, it destroys the wood ,hay and stubble. It separates the precious from the vile keeping that which is good, it removes the deception for all that glitters is not gold.

For His set apart ones,

Only that which is worth keeping survives the fire.

Only that which is worth keeping survives the fire.

Only that which is worth keeping survives the fire.

When the smoke clears, there is room for growth, expansion and strengthening  of that which remains, and room for new growth.

The Fire Wind and Water

And I saw the world, the soul within and it was as a snow globe, one half burning with fire, as influenced by the Fear of the Lord , and one half the watering of the Lord as by the Love of God and I saw it turning and turning, one state over taking the other again and again, as if directed by the wind, and realized that these seasons will come and go, but were all necessary.

So, in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you . Allow the Lord to direct your steps.

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